Using sustainability as a success driver, benefiting from digitalization, increasing productivity: Discover solutions from Reifenhäuser

The Reifenhäuser Group will be represented at America's largest plastic trade show, NPE 2024, from May 6 to 10. Under the Reifenhäuser motto "The Time is Now", the extrusion specialists will show producers of films valuable solutions for the three major topics of the industry: sustainability, digitalization and productivity.

The world and our industry are facing major challenges. There is uncertainty, disorientation and unanswered questions on many topics. And  yet they will not tolerate any delay. Now is the time to act and turn challenges into opportunities. We have know-how for this as well as great, immediately applicable solutions in our luggage, with which we enable our customers and partners to do so.

Bernd Reifenhäuser
CEO, Reifenhäuser Group

Visit us at stand W6751  

What you can expect at this year's NPE

Flat Film I Blown Films 

Discover PAM and EVO Fusion

Some of our highlights at this year’s NPE will be presented by our Business Units Blown Film and Cast Sheet Coating. They will showcase the latest technologies that enable particularly efficient and sustainable production. 

Precise, autonomous, mechatronic: PAM calibrates coextrusion adapters and dies automatically for best comfort, quality and productivity. The high level of automation makes the machine operator's work significantly easier, thus increasing line productivity and film quality. At our booth, we will show how our PAM option can be adjusted automatically and mechatronically - precisely controlled on a die. 

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The EVO Fusion technology makes blown film producers independent of highly fluctuating recyclate qualities and ensures a stable production process - even when processing low-quality input material. It upgrades recyclate qualities into high-performance blown films for simple end-uses, such as trash bags or mailing bags. At NPE, we will show you how this can work! 

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Screws | Barrels 

Discover Reiloy USA

Reiloy USA understands the importance of being skilled in today’s technology while staying on the cutting edge of ideas to improve processing, production and profits. In fact, we are known as a leader when it comes to bringing ingenuity to the table. 

Reiloy USA's years of plastic processing experience in many environments combined with our metallurgy knowledge affords us an integral understanding of the materials available. This expertise enables the ability to offer our customers the best solution to fit processing needs.

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Discover Kdesign

In the blown film production process, cooling and controlling have a decisive impact on the quality of the end product. Kdesign manufactures air cooling rings and measuring systems for blown film extrusion lines.

At NPE, we are showcasing the world’s best air ring and the popular secondary cooling unit CENTRO-Freeze. Both systems enable you to significantly increase your blown film line’s output and film quality.

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Discover RE:

RE: GmbH is a tech start-up of the Reifenhäuser Group, specialized in digital solutions for the plastics extrusion and packaging industry. Our goal is to support producers on their digitization journey by leveraging its profound industry and software know-how. In close cooperation with the business units of the Reifenhäuser Group, the experts of RE: develop cutting-edge solutions for the most pressing challenges of the industry.

The core of the digital solution is the so-called c.Hub, a middleware that ensures secure data exchange between different IT systems, applications, extrusion machines, and line controls, including Reifenhäuser and third-party systems.

The associated ExtrusionOS software provides user-friendly applications and dashboards that help monitor, manage, store and analyze this data.

Learn more: About RE:

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